Belinda has been involved in the area of eye health for over 10 years and recently joined Vision 2020 Australia in a national advocacy role. She is gaining invaluable first-hand knowledge about the benefit that can be achieved for people with low vision or who are blind when experts across the eye-health sector address government with a united voice. Drawing on her qualifications in Psychology and Management, Belinda also works in career development where she aspires to make a significant contribution to individuals by assisting them through a career transition.

A day in the life …with keratoconus

I was diagnosed with keratoconus when I was fifteen, but I had glasses from age eleven and, against my wishes, was forced to permanently sit at the front of the classroom at school. The new glasses never seemed to be effective for very long and those four years of relatively rapid vision loss was the start of countless visits to optometrists and opthalmologists. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the frequent change in glasses prescription was the first tell-tale sign of this degenerative corneal disease.

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