• 16 May

    Election 2022

    Liberal – policy announcements  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health  Invest over $4.6 billion to prioritise and improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, focusing on improving health infrastructure and providing better support for maternal and antenatal care, aged care and mental health services.  Implement the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan.  Invest […]

  • 13 May

    Myopia awareness week 2022: Make Your Eye Moves

    Globally, myopia is a leading cause of avoidable vision loss, especially in children. It is estimated that 50 percent of the world’s population will have Myopia by the year 2050. There is some early evidence that with the huge increase in screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic, several studies suggest that smart device exposure might […]

Recent submissions to government

Recent submissions to government

Vision 2020 Australia makes submissions to government to highlight key issues for the eye health and vision sector and advocate for much needed changes. Have a look at some of our most recent submissions, which span a wide range of areas from prevention and research through to service delivery and system strategy.