How we do it

Vision 2020 Australia focuses on conducting advocacy, facilitating collaboration and raising awareness.


We lead sector advocacy efforts at federal government level for policy change and the prioritisation of eye health and vision care across Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.

A key advocacy initiative for Vision 2020 Australia is the Parliamentary Friends Group for Eye Health and Vision Care which promotes sector issues at the federal level.


Our success relies on strong partnerships with members and key stakeholders. By facilitating a platform for collaboration, Vision 2020 Australia enables the sharing of information and fosters strong and effective partnerships with members and stakeholders.

Members engage through various channels including, membership on committees, driving shared success for the sector. Our committees develop policies, strategies and submissions to improve eye health and vision care in Australia and the Indo-Pacific. The committees bring together members working across a range of settings to share knowledge and expertise.

Raising awareness 

We work in partnership with members and government to raise the profile of eye health and vision care issues.

Vision loss has major social and economic costs and greatly impacts independence and quality of life. The good news is around 90 per cent of vision loss is preventable or treatable, if detected early.

Vision 2020 Australia runs ongoing awareness raising activities. Campaigns include Victoria's Vision Initiative Program and World Sight Day each October.

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