Social Media Disclaimer

Vision 2020 Australia’s Social Media Participation Policy

This details the policy for:
• participation on Vision 2020 Australia’s social media sites/pages; and
• use of content shared by Vision 2020 Australia online.
Vision 2020 Australia welcomes participation and discussion on its social media pages about the important topics of blindness and vision impairment. Vision 2020 Australia’s role is to ensure that eye health and vision care remains high on the health, disability and international development agendas of governments in Australia.
Vision 2020 Australia’s social media accounts are monitored at least once a day during business hours (Australian Eastern Time). Enquires and direct messages will be responded to in the same manner as other correspondence.
To the degree permitted by law, Vision 2020 Australia is not liable or responsible for:
• Content uploaded by users to our social media pages.
• Content posted on sites linked to us. Vision 2020 Australia does not endorse or control content on other sites linked to on our social media accounts or website.
In moderating the Vision 2020 Australia social media pages (for example, our pages on sites such as Twitter and Facebook) we reserve the right to remove content (including comments, links, files, images, video and documents) that we deem inappropriate or has the potential to infringe the law (in our sole discretion). Vision 2020 Australia also reserves the right to ban or block users from its social media pages for inappropriate conduct and breaches of this Social Media Participation Policy.
By posting on Vision 2020 Australia social media sites and pages you understand that:
1. Users are required to comply with the relevant social media site’s Terms and Conditions.
2. Users are required to be respectful of other individuals and organisations in their posts. All content posted must be relevant and appropriate.
3. You must not post content that:
a. is defamatory, threatening, offensive or discriminatory;
b. is misleading or deceptive, or in breach of intellectual property laws such as content that infringes copyright;
c. infringes privacy rights (including posts that contain personal contact and address details, as well as images not authorised for sharing);
d. condones or promotes illegal activity or contempt of court; and
e. is spam, multiple posts of the same content, or irrelevant material.
4. Vision 2020 Australia may remove content that breaches these terms, that is commercial or political in nature such as advertising a product, service, person or
political party (Vision 2020 Australia is a bipartisan organisation) or if Vision 2020 Australia otherwise considers the content is not appropriate.
5. Users must not post confidential company/organisational information or other confidential information.
6. Photographs and video of minors should not be posted without parental consent for sharing on social media.
7. Users must not impersonate or falsely represent a person or organisation.

Using content shared by Vision 2020 Australia

You may reproduce and disseminate Vision 2020 Australia’s content on your own website, provided that you only use the material in a manner:
• that is respectful and non-derogatory, particularly in regards to Vision 2020 Australia, our work, employees, and other member organisations
• that does not mislead the public or any other organisation.
You must be mindful and respectful of our status as a bipartisan, registered charity in Australia. Vision 2020 Australia reserves the right to revoke its consent to your use of its material if it deems that your use is, or becomes, inappropriate.


If you have any complaints or queries about anything posted on one of Vision 2020 Australia’s social media sites please contact our Communications Manager on +61 3 9656 2020.
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