Vision Initiative

Established in 2002, the Vision Initiative is an integrated eye health promotion program funded by the Victorian Government and managed by Vision 2020 Australia.  The Vision Initiative is the Victorian Government’s public health response to the National Framework for Action to Promote Eye Health and Prevent Avoidable Blindness and Vision Loss.

The Vision Initiative aims to prevent avoidable blindness and address the impact of vision loss in the Victorian community.  Partnerships are a key mechanism to the success of the Vision Initiative. Our partner organisations provide governance to the program and work collaboratively to deliver Vision Initiative activity across Victoria.

The Vision Initiative works across Victoria at local and state level to deliver activity to promote the importance of regular eye tests to the Victorian community. Activity is delivered through three tiers targeting health providers, community and local media to communicate the importance of regular eye tests.

The Vision Initiative has three strategic objectives:

  • To improve the understanding and awareness among health professionals of eye health, vision issues and referral pathways
  • To increase community awareness and knowledge of at-risk, non-tested and under-tested groups about the importance of prevention activity, regular eye tests and the value of low vision services
  • To ensure a platform for collaboration and sustainable partnerships between Victorian eye health and vision care providers, government and other organisations.

The Save Your Sight message of the Vision Initiative focuses on early intervention with the call to action:

Save Your Sight – Get Tested

For more information visit the Vision Initiative website.

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