The Brien Holden Foundation continues its ground-breaking eye care program in Africa

2020 looks bright for many in Africa with the Brien Holden Foundation confirming today that it is continuing to work on implementing internationally renowned programs in eye care.

The Brien Holden Foundation trains and educates eye care professionals in Eritrea,Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique;East African nations with a combined total population exceeding 150 million.The Acting Executive Director of the Foundation, Tim Fricke, is in Africa today: he has spent the week meeting with in-country staff and supporters in Malawi and is now in South Africa.

“Africa has some of the poorest nations in the world and building and developing eye care programs that help everyday people and combat poverty is an absolute
privilege. We are delighted that Tim is working directly with our offices and stakeholders in Africa,” says Yvette Waddell, CEO of BHVI.

Vision impairment is a leading contributor to global poverty and a significant barrier to education. BHVI leads the race in continuing to develop ways to manage and
reverse the myopia trend.