Amanda Vanstone ends term as Chair at Vision 2020 Australia AGM

The Hon Amanda Vanstone AO has concluded her six-year term as Chair of Vision 2020 Australia at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, held online on Wednesday 11 November 2020.

Amanda’s tenure coincided with a period of significant change and strategic challenge and throughout it, she steered the Board with a consistent combination of laser-like focus and good humour. She brought a wealth of experience, expertise and intellect to bear on Board discussions, and during her time as Chair she has been generous in drawing upon her networks to support our advocacy at the highest level.

At the AGM, Chair Amanda Vanstone reflected on a positive year for the organisation, despite the inevitable disruption caused by a global pandemic, highlighted by strong bipartisan political engagement. She cited hosting the Australian launch of World Report on Vision in late 2019, where both Minister for Regional Health, Regional Communications and Local Government Coulton and Shadow Minister for Health Chris Bowen spoke, as a prime example of the regard in which the sector is held.

Amanda also acknowledged the significant support received from both the Australia and Victorian governments and thanked all member organisations, including major financial supporters, for their contributions.

Vision 2020 Australia CEO Judith Abbott spoke to some of the highlights of the year, including securing the Federal Government’s commitment to funding a second National Eye Health Survey, the continuation of KeepSight and the investment of funds to support work in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health and vision.

Dr David Andrews, Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, presented the Audited Financial Reports, including financials for the year ending 30 June 2020, noting that the organisation continued to be in a sound financial position.

Along with Amanda Vanstone, Board Directors Dr David Andrews and Ms Megan McAlpine have ended their current terms.

There were six vacancies on the Board, for which seven nominees were received. Following an election, these vacancies have been filled by Ms Jacqueline (Jaki) Adams-Barton and Dr Jessica Gallagher, who are returning, and A/Prof Heather Mack, The Hon Christopher Pyne, Ms Jane Schuller and Mr Shaun Tatipata, who have been newly elected.

The elected directors will join continuing Board members Mr Dale Cleaver, Mr Andrew Harris, Ms Dee Hopkins, Ms Maureen O’Keefe and Mr Tony Starkey. The Board will meet in the coming days to elect a new chair.

Our 2019-20 Annual Report can now be downloaded in PDF or accessible word formats from our website.

You can also read the Chairperson’s report from each of our policy committees: