Eye health sector priorities for returning parliament


Vision 2020 Australia welcomes all new and returning MPs to Canberra with the commencement of the 46th Parliament of Australia.

The eye health and vision sector has identified a range of priorities for the next three years to reduce vision loss and improve opportunities for Australians who are blind or have low vision, including:

  • Implementing Strong Eyes, Strong Communities –  the sector endorsed five-year plan to close the gap for vision across all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Progressing the second National Eye Health Survey in 2020 as part of expanding our evidence base.
  • Improving equitable access to assistive technology and other support for adults and children who are blind or have low vision, as part of a broader suite of activities to strengthen opportunities for the full participation of people who are blind or have low vision in the community.
  • Targeted strategic investments in eye health programs in the Indo-Pacific region.

Quotes attributable to Vision 2020 Australia CEO Judith Abbott:

“We congratulate the government on its re-election and look forward to a continuing positive relationship as we work together to prevent avoidable blindness and deliver high-quality health care and meaningful support to all Australians who are blind or have low vision.”

“There are a number of important eye health and vision initiatives that can make a real difference to the lives of many, and with the benefit of continuity in Canberra, we are optimistic of making even more headway in the coming parliamentary term.”

“We especially want to congratulate The Hon Ken Wyatt MP on his appointment as the first Indigenous Australia to hold the position of Minister for Indigenous Australians and look forward to closing the gap for vision for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”


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