Funding Boost for Disability Employment Services


Vision 2020 Australia welcomes this week’s Budget announcement investing an additional $300 million over ten years to help fund changes to the Disability Employment Services (DES) program to help more people with a disability find and keep work. 
The new reforms will empower participants to change providers if they are unhappy with the level of service they are receiving and providers will be incentivised to place jobseekers in sustainable employment. 
Access to meaningful employment free from discrimination is a fundamental human right but too often we see people with a disability excluded from job opportunities.
Vision 2020 Australia CEO Carla Northam said “People who are blind or have low vision have a range of skills, capabilities and interests to bring to the workforce. That’s why Government investment in Disability Employment Services is so important because it promotes workplace diversity and increases the representation of people with disability”. 
Meaningful employment is integral to an individual’s ability to remain independent, empowered and connected with their community, and to maximise opportunities for participation in all aspects of daily life.
Vision Australia CEO Ron Hooton said “The recent budget announcements have given the DES sector more certainty of its future and Vision Australia an even brighter future.”
“We’re thrilled to be able to extend our Disability Employment Services to five extra locations, while maintaining our existing contracts,” Mr Hooton said.
“This expansion is based on the organisation's strong performance and reflects the quality of our staff and their relationships with both clients and prospective employers.
“Through our person-centred approach, we make sure that our clients are matched well to employers, and that we support those people right through the process of starting work and maintaining their position.”
For more information: Policy and Advocacy Team, Vision 2020 Australia