National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health Conference (NATSIEHC) 2021: The Gap & Beyond

Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) at the University of Melbourne are pleased to announce the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health Conference (NATSIEHC) 2021: The Gap and Beyond will be held virtually on 20 – 22 April 2021.

The 2021 conference, previously known as the ‘Close the Gap for Vision by 2020 National Conference’, is being designed for virtual attendance and the online conference platform will support a range of exchange and interaction opportunities including supporting online social and cultural exchanges.

The 2021 conference will include speakers who were to present their work at the ‘Close the Gap for Vision National Conference 2020’, originally scheduled for March 2020 in Adelaide, and other postponed elements from the 2020 conference, together with new speakers and other additions.

Since 2017, the National Conferences have developed into a key annual gathering of the Indigenous eye health sector. The annual conference provides an opportunity for a wide variety of voices to discuss and share success stories and challenges in eye health from across Australia.

The conference aims to advance the collective work of the Indigenous eye health sector towards the shared goal of improving eye health access and outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Delegates will include representatives from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and other primary care service providers, eye care clinicians, policy makers, researchers, non-government organisations, hospitals, professional peak bodies and government departments from across the country.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related uncertainty over travel means that a physical gathering or gatherings could only be organised for participants to connect together if circumstances permit. Our conference bookings have been retained at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the dates announced and we will announce physical gathering opportunities closer to the time of the conference.

Please contact Guy Gillor at or on (03) 9035 8831 or Nick Wilson at or on (03) 8344 8675 with any questions.