World Sight Day

#Snapforsight capture your moment

This World Sight Day- #snapforsight!

Each year, Vision 2020 Australia uses World Sight Day to talk about the importance of eye health and vision care. World Sight Day takes place on Thursday 13 October this year.
Building on last year’s campaign, we want to inspire Australians through images, video and sound. The #snapforsight campaign is all about capturing moments that really matter to you in a photograph, video or audio file during the month of October.
Whether it’s simply capturing a moment from your day, or something that really defines you, #snapforsight provides an opportunity to share your favourite moments and imagine what life would be like if you could no longer see that person, that pet, watch that game or enjoy that sunset. 
During October - and in particular on World Sight Day - take note of your surroundings. Look up at the sky, absorb the landscape, enjoy the smiles on people around you, focus on your favourite moments, and tell us! Share what you see, what you love to do and who you are on social media with the hashtag #snapforsight.
Many Australians continue to take their sight for granted, linking vision loss and blindness to something that only happens to other people.
We hope by securing thousands of images, video and audio moments across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that Australians will be reminded about what they would miss if they no longer had their sight and make getting their eyes examined a health priority.
For this campaign to be successful we need your support. Can you capture one moment a day this October?
For more information on how you can get involved contact
So, what’s your favourite moment? 
Capture your moments #snapforsight
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