National Preventive Health Strategy submission

Vision 2020 Australia recently made a sector submission on the Draft National Preventive Health Strategy, released in March. The Draft set out a number of aims, principles, enablers and focus areas. Vision 2020 Australia supported the aim of longer life through better health, but sought stronger focus on maintaining independence as part of a healthy long life. We also expressed support for a greater focus on preventive actions and prevention of progression of certain conditions, such as eye conditions.

A number of enablers were put forward to support the implementation of the Strategy. Vision 2020 Australia proposed improved access to data to support preventative health efforts. We also called for recognition of the growing evidence of strong links between vision loss and a range of other health conditions. Maintaining good vision can be a preventative factor for other significant health issues, including injuries from falls, motor vehicle accidents, depression and dementia.

Vision 2020 Australia also suggested drawing stronger links between the National Preventive Health Strategy and other strategic health action plans.

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