New UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science Head of School

UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science is delighted to announce that Associate Professor Lisa Keay has been appointed as the new Head of School. Lisa will be taking over the role from Professor Fiona Stapleton on 1 February 2019 who ends her third term as Head of School. We sincerely thank Fiona for her outstanding leadership at SOVS over the past 11 years. 
Lisa comes to us from The George Institute for Global Health within UNSW Medicine. She is the Deputy Director of the Injury Division and Head of the Eye Health Program at The George Institute. Lisa will bring to the Faculty of Science a strong network of global research collaborators and connections to policy makers and practitioners. In line with UNSW 2025 strategic priority, Lisa leads a multi-disciplinary program of research in eye health, safe mobility and health ageing for which she has successfully and continuously sought real world impact through effective engagement with legislators, government programs and policy makers.
Please join us in welcoming Lisa to SOVS.