Glaucoma Now has a new home – in Australia

Continuing Medical Education publication Glaucoma Now has a new home and from May 2018 is now hosted by Glaucoma Australia.  Previously hosted in Europe the online publication has moved down under and will continue to be distributed worldwide.
On 14 May Glaucoma Now published its first issue for 2018 with the main topic Glaucoma: State of play and future developments. Individual issues of Glaucoma Now are accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and readers can obtain 4 CME credits when they successfully complete the associated e-learning questionnaire.
CEO, Annie Gibbins said “it’s such a delight to have this high calibre ophthalmology publication hosted by Glaucoma Australia. We look forward to welcoming an international audience to our website as they access this resource and complete their CME”.
“In this issue, well known experts Robert Stamper, Luca Rossetti, David Garway-Heath and John Thygesen share their wealth of knowledge and experience to stimulate us” said Glaucoma Now Editor in Chief, Clinical Professor Ivan Goldberg.
While the number of issues has been reduced from three issues to two issues per year, the format remains the same.
Each issue of Glaucoma Now has a major theme, and within each issue there are four sections: Special Focus, What’s New, Clinical Issues and Practical Tips. Each section treats some aspect of the theme in a predefined way.
In this issue Robert Stamper MD, PhD provides a comprehensive overview of basic science understanding of glaucoma including mechanisms of damage, cellular effects in neurodegeneration, risk factors, parameters measured, outlook and implications in his article Glaucoma – Where we are in glaucoma and where are we going.
Looking at what’s new Luca Rosetti MD, PhD discusses why early glaucoma diagnosis is so important, including risk assessment and parameters of detection summarising existing gold standards and giving an outlook on new technologies.
David Garway-Heath and co-worker Jibran Mohamed-Noriega review current techniques in monitoring glaucoma progression, including gold standard HRT, other approaches such as OCT, GDx, PERG/VEP and long-term data in the Clinical Issues section.
Under Practical Tips John Thygesen writes a summary on all options to manage glaucoma in pregnancy and lactation.
Glaucoma Now Editorial Manager, Patricia Buchholz, said “We thank our industry sponsors who enable our project to provide this cost-free educational service”. 
The Glaucoma Now education program is aimed at ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents and glaucoma specialists.
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