Orthoptics Awareness Week 2018 – ‘Discover the Depths of Orthoptics’


Orthoptics Awareness Week (OAW) is an important event in the Orthoptics Australia calendar each year. This year it will be held between Monday 5th to Friday 9th of March 2018.
This year the theme is ‘ Discover the Depths of Orthoptics’. The aim of this week is to increase the awareness of Orthoptics to the public as well as other health professionals. We want to highlight the fact Orthoptists are multi skilled in their roles and help manage a range of eye conditions including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and and strabismus and
Each day will feature a different eye condition, how Orthoptists help diagnose, treat and manage these patients and well as interesting facts and statistics on these conditions.
Whilst not many people know what an Orthoptist is, many have been helped by one. We are continually aiming to educate the public about Orthoptics and eye health in general. We have so many good news stories to share. Orthoptists are involved with vision impaired children and adults, some are on the team developing the Bionic Eye, others are working with cutting edge technology in the fight against age-related macular degeneration….the list goes on!
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What is an Orthoptist?

Orthoptists are eye healthcare professionals who are university trained to assess and treat patients with eye disorders. Orthoptists are uniquely skilled in ophthalmic diagnostic services and specialise in children’s vision, eye movement disorders and low vision care to name a few, working across a range of settings including hospitals, private specialist practices and research centres.
There are currently two university courses in Australia that provide Orthoptic education; La Trobe University in Melbourne and The University of Technology in Sydney. The Orthoptics profession boasts among the highest education standards world-wide, with Australia recognised as being the first country to offer a University Bachelor Degree program in Orthoptics.

Orthoptics Australia

Orthoptics Australia is the national professional body that promotes and advances the science and practice of Orthoptics and advocates in the interest of members of the profession.
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