Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Associations Formalise National Council


During the RANZCO/AONAVIC Melbourne Conference, representatives of State based Australian Ophthalmic Nursing Associations formalised the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Associations National Council of (AONANC) – to strengthen the professions national voice and support professional development.
“The Council will not remove or replace State based Associations”, says elected AONANC Chair Joanna McCulloch.
“Instead it will support and encourage each region to work together on nationally relevant items, such as ophthalmic nursing standards, statements and qualification frameworks.
“Our members, collegial partners and ultimately our patients will gain the most from this development as we will be able to provide a clear voice and direction within both the nursing and eye care sectors.
“Our Partner Representatives, who have been working tirelessly for several years, to bring AONANC  to fruition, are looking forward to working towards agreed goals, and of course, engaging with external peer professionals whose passion for eye care match our own”, Ms McCulloch says.

The key aims of AONANC 

  • Provide professional representation for ophthalmic nurses 
  • Develop and maintain national standards, statements, and recommendations relating to the practice of ophthalmic nursing
  • Provide expert clinical advice and collaboration if requested, for any post graduate education or ophthalmic learning opportunity   
  • Seek to include ophthalmic nurses in the wider national and global vision dialogue and strategies, and their participation in sector initiatives
  • Provide a national point-of-contact to other external stakeholders and interested parties wishing to engage the national ophthalmic nursing community
  • Encourage member engagement and collaboration with national research and innovation projects and opportunities
  • Share information on meetings, conferences and workshops and support the publication of a national newsletters
  • Promote the profession of ophthalmic nursing 
  • Act as the national consultative body on issues affecting ophthalmic nurses.
AONANC Founding Signatories and Representatives: Chair: Joanna McCullough – NSW, Secretary: Heather Machin, VIC, General Representatives: Kathy Ash – WA, Nigel Chong – TAS, Sharon Dennis –SA, Jenny Keller – NSW, Carmen Newman – QLD, Gina Storey – WA, Pene Reid – QLD, and Amanda Wylie – QLD.
AONANC wishes to acknowledge Pam Armstrong-VIC and Signatory Observers: Anne Huigen – NT, Anne Lentakis – SA, and Dierdre Myers – VIC, for their support and involvement towards nationalization. 
About the Ophthalmic Nursing Associations in Australia (The AONANC Partners)
Australia is home to four State based Australian Ophthalmic Nursing Associations, located in: NSW, QLD, WA and VIC (with VIC housing sub-branch administration for SA and TAS). Each Association provides local clinical education, consultancy and support to the ophthalmic nursing communities in their jurisdiction.
For Further information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: Heather Machin