Clarke and Dawe promote eye health

Public commentators John Clarke and Bryan Dawe are once again encouraging Victorians to save their sight and get their eyes tested in a relaunched series of Community Service Announcements (CSAs).

Screen shot of Brian Dawe and John Clarke in a lounge room, Dawe is standing in front if a fire place holding an eye chart, Clarke is standing a few meters in front of him looking down at a remote control that is in his hand.

Originally aired as part of the Vision Initiative Save Your Sight campaign in 2005, the CSAs have been reconfigured so they can be aired both online and on broadcast media including TV and radio to support the Vision Initiative’s Pilot Projects.

Vision Initiative Manager, Dee Tumino says “The Get Your Eyes Tested message is as important as ever, especially for those who are over 40. So given the positive feedback from focus groups we decided to revive the CSAs to support the pilot projects.”

“As well as targeting specific at-risk groups, the pilot projects are intended to raise community awareness about the risk factors for blindness and vision loss, and why it is important to be proactive and get your eyes tested,” explains Ms Tumino.

Running for 16 weeks from the beginning of January, the CSAs are being aired on TV in three local areas where the pilot projects are being rolled out including Geelong, Latrobe and Shepparton. The online versions are available for public viewing on the Vision 2020 Australia YouTube Channel and can be used by trade and community media to promote eye health.

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