Vision 2020 Australia Annual General Meeting 2011

The 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Vision 2020 Australia was held on 28 November. An election of directors was not required as the five retiring directors (Dr Margaret Crowley, Ms Amanda Davis, Mrs Janet Holmes à Court AC, Professor Hugh Taylor AC and Dr Graeme White) all re-nominated and no additional nominations were received. As such, the five retiring Directors were re-elected for a further three year term. Fourteen people attended the meeting, but with proxies included, a total of 24 member organisations were represented. Forty apologies were received. The AGM proceeded smoothly, with the Chair presenting his report, the minutes from the 2010 AGM, the Annual Report and the Audited Chart of Accounts. Following the CEO’s report, the Directors’ appointments were confirmed and the Auditor (Saward Dawson) was re-appointed for the next twelve months.