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02 Apr

Vision 2020 Australia’s new website site scores A’s for accessibility

Vision 2020 Australia has set the bar for the eye health and vision care sector with the launch of its new website designed to meet the highest levels of accessibility for people with vision impairment.

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31 Jan

Australian blind paralympic medallist throws a light on blindness in the Asia Pacific

Vision impaired paralympian Jessica Gallagher who skied her way to a bronze medal in the 2010 Winter Paralympics has turned her attention to another goal.

This time the 25-year-old who is currently training in track and field for the London 2012 Paralympics is helping raise awareness of the work that is being done in the Asia Pacific to eliminate blindness of some of our poorest neighbours.

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20 Oct

Leading the Fight against Non Communicable Diseases

A global pandemic is taking the lives of millions of people worldwide, and keeping millions more in poverty, but has gone largely unnoticed until now, writes Jennifer Gersbeck.

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13 Oct

Don’t be blind to family history this WSD

On the eve of World Sight Day, CEO of Vision 2020 Australia is encouraging Victorians to get talking about their family history as a lack of conversation is putting families at risk of serious eye disease.

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11 Jul

Eye health programs worthy of aid funding

The Australian Government today released the report into the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness.

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06 Jul

PFG Gala Dinner celebrates achievements

The Parliamentary Friends Group for Eye Health and Vision Care Gala Dinner was held on 23 June 2010 in the Great Hall at Parliament House in Canberra.

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25 May

Australia’s aid program – seeing is believing

Jennifer Gersbeck argues that Australia's aid program has made a huge impact in the developing world.

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24 May

News – Award-winning spectacle lens tackles myopia

Australian researchers have been lauded for an innovative new spectacle lens that may help address the explosion in myopia numbers worldwide.

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31 Dec

Case Study – Colin Donovan

ABC radio journalist Colin Donovan said an accidental diagnosis during a routine eye test saved his eyesight.

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31 Dec

Case Study – Sharon Donovan

Sharon Donovan was in her final year of studies for a midwifery course when she began to suffer from severe headaches and vision problems.

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