Further aid cuts would be a foreign policy failure


Vision 2020 Australia is deeply concerned by reports that foreign aid will face cuts for the fourth consecutive year in tonight’s Federal Budget.

Diverting money from foreign aid to boost funding for intelligence agencies ignores aid as a crucial component of Australia’s foreign policy.

Carla Northam, CEO of Vision 2020 Australia, says: ‘Not only does Australian aid lift people out of poverty, it fosters peace, sustainable local economies and protects our nation from regional conflicts.

‘Cuts to aid will increase inequality and instability, which is a driver of security threats the Government says it wants to address.

‘Supporting the world’s most vulnerable people, including those who are blind or vision impaired, also supports Australia’s national interests.’

With the hand down of the Federal Budget looming, Vision 2020 Australia has thrown its support behind the Campaign for Australian Aid initiative which helps Australians reach out to their local MP to oppose aid cuts.

Ms Northam says: ‘Vision 2020 Australia joins the Campaign for Australian Aid and other aid organisations imploring the Government to spare foreign aid from cuts in the Budget.

‘Globally, of the 223 million people who are blind or vision impaired, 90 per cent are living in developing countries.

‘Where the Australian Government has supported eye health and vision care, significant gains have been made towards eliminating avoidable vision loss and blindness.

‘This potential to make a positive difference cannot be realised if foreign aid faces further cuts.’

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