Case Study – Colin Donovan

Colin can see thanks to 'accidental' diagnosis

ABC radio journalist Colin Donovan said an accidental diagnosis during a routine eye test saved his eyesight. The busy journalist and on-air presenter was having his eyes tested for new glasses when his optometrist saw something odd in his irises.

"The optometrist noticed some brown flecks in my eyes and was concerned they could be cancerous," he said. "I immediately arranged to see an ophthalmologist for further tests. The brown flecks turned out to be nothing, but while I was there, the ophthalmologist ran some pressure tests on my eyes and diagnosed me with glaucoma."

He said that eye test saved his sight.

"My optometrist did me a huge favour by raising concerns with my eyes, even though his original diagnosis wasn't correct," he said. "If I didn't have that eye test when I was in my forties, I could be blind today."

Mr Donovan said his glaucoma had not affected his vision and he used medicated eye drops twice a day to prevent his glaucoma worsening. But he now realises just how lucky he was that the condition was picked up so early.

"I've just recently found out that my uncle also has glaucoma, but he didn't find out about it early enough," he said. "He eventually lost almost all of his sight because of the condition.

"If I hadn't had my initial eye test, I may not have found out about the glaucoma until it was too late."

Colin encourages all Australians who are 40 or older to have regular eye tests and to monitor the health of their eyes.

"If you're over 40 you should have your eyes tested. It could save your sight."

To find out more about glaucoma visit Glaucoma Australia's website at (external link)