Monash University Sensory Science Exhibition

Primary, secondary, tertiary students, adults and science enthusiasts of all ages who are blind or vision impaired, are invited to come and explore the world-leading research we do at the Cancer Program at the BDI.

The exhibition is specifically aimed to be accessible for the blind and low vision community with tactile, sound, olfactory and low vision accessible displays and exhibits. The event will cover a range of topics including learning about cells and cell division, tumour growth and invasion, the genetic basis of cancer, interactions with the body’s immune system and new and existing treatments for cancer.

There will be a special presentation by Prof. Roger Daly, Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who heads the Cancer Program at the BDI, followed by morning tea and breakout sessions, that will include hands-on 2D and 3D exhibits created to model cancer cells and the interaction with the human body and various treatments.

Further details can be found on the attached flyer and registration via this link