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09 Oct

Sight For All Sight adopts an innovative approach projects

Sight For All has been successfully running am number of COVID-19 response projects, including: A dedicated information website for our partners in country to access up-to-date triage, guidelines and research papers. This site remains live and continuously updated and it is accessible at In Myanmar we provided 180 perspex shields fitted to slit lamps […]

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30 Sep

Optometry Australia developing tele-optometry guidelines following telehealth success stories during COVID

Optometry Australia is developing guidelines on telehealth and optometry; meanwhile many tele-optometry success stories are occurring during COVID-19. Instances include optometry telehealth helping to save the sight of a young patient, arranging replacement glasses for a keratoconic truck-driver who lost his and treatment for another patient with marginal keratitis. Optometry Australia has been advocating for […]

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29 Sep

CERA’s Lions Eye Donation Service

Things look a little different for the Lions Eye Donation Service during the challenging times of COVID-19, but the eye bank is as busy as ever. CERA’s Lions Eye Donation Service plays a vital role facilitating corneal donation and transplantation, giving Australians the precious gift of sight. For someone with a damaged cornea, a corneal […]

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27 Sep

RANZCO’s work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait People

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) acknowledges that COVID-19 is a serious threat to Indigenous populations, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians over the age of 50 and those with a chronic condition considered to be among the group of Australians most at risk of COVID-19. Indigenous peoples have historically […]

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12 Sep

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and Victoria

Fall prevention – Rose, age 90 Guide Dogs is piloting fall prevention programs for older clients, which involve strength and balance exercises in the home. In addition to preventing falls, the program provides a sense of connection for clients, and provides the foundation skills for independently accessing the community once restrictions ease. The programs are […]

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17 Aug

CBM works in Indonesia to meet needs of people living with disability

As countries around the world continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that these responses take into account the needs of people living with disability. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has that people with disabilities face a greater chance of contracting the virus, since they may be unable to practice physical distancing, […]

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15 Aug

The challenges of inclusive eye care in Vietnam during the COVID-19 pandemic – CBM

For the first time in a long time, individuals across the globe are united in facing the same crisis – the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the generous support of Australians, CBM Australia has been able to contribute to the prevention of the virus spread in the Dien Bien province of Vietnam through an ongoing Inclusive […]

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08 Aug

The Fred Hollows Foundation helps eye hospitals to continue saving sight

The Fred Hollows Foundation has repurposed funds from its comprehensive eye care services to help in the fight against coronavirus in Pakistan. The Foundation’s Pakistan Country Manager Mr Farooq Awan said with support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), funds were repurposed to source and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), […]

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06 Aug

A COVID-19 Week-in-the-life: UNSW Optometry Student and Teacher

Life in Australia was turned upside down as we raced to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in March 2020. Universities suspended all face-to-face interactions and UNSW Sydney moved teaching online. Clinical teaching, including optometry, became particularly challenging in this new context, as students in their final year could no longer undertake supervised patient care. This […]

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29 Jul

Novartis Australia responds to pandemic challenges faced by patient organisations

Novartis is responding to the challenges faced by patient organisations with the announcement of three key initiatives to help them continue their critical work throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The initiatives provide funding and support at a time when resources are being diverted to help manage the critical and ongoing patient and caregiver need for COVID-19 […]

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