Collaborating on research

Research is integral to achieving our shared mission of ending avoidable blindness and improving opportunities for people who are blind or have low vision.

Australia has some of the world’s leading ophthalmic researchers, many of whom are affiliated with Vision 2020 Australia member organisations.

Vision 2020 Australia is keen to support Australian research efforts, and does this through a combination of:

  • Promoting the achievements of Vision 2020 Australia members, and sharing key research findings across its networks
  • Co-ordinating cross sector submissions as relevant, for example to reviews of Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) priorities and missions
  • Supporting cross sector collaboration and advocacy.

2021 National Forum – cross sector collaboration and advocacy

Vision 2020 Australia and its members are keen to see funding streams such as the MRFF expand their focus on eye and vision related research.

To do this, in 2021 at the request of some its members, Vision 2020 Australia is hosting its first National Eye Research Collaborative Forum.

This is a free on-line event open to anyone with an interest in helping contribute to policy and advocacy efforts in this area. It aims to start work on development of what research areas should be prioritised for such cross-sector advocacy via a process that engages researchers, service providers, service users and others. 

The forum is an opportunity to lay foundations for broader, ongoing collaboration.

The forum is being held on Wednesday 28 April 2021. Registrations for the forum have now closed and we know not everyone with an interest can attend, so if you can’t attend but would like to be included in future activities in this area, please email

A background paper has been developed for the forum which can be accessed in both PDF and accessible formats.

This paper summarises the purpose of and context underpinning the forum; suggested principles for collaboration; and identifies an initial list of possible priorities for cross sector advocacy, largely based on research priorities identified by the Lancet Global Commission.

At the forum, participants will be discussing these and identifying additional priorities that should be added to such a list, as a first step towards developing a short list of research priorities where there is a both strong cross sector support and a compelling case for additional government investment.

It is envisaged that these would be developed into an advocacy document in partnership with collaborative members, alongside an advocacy strategy aimed at increasing investment in those areas.

A post-forum report has been developed that provides a high level summary of the areas discussed at the research collaborative forum. This can be accessed in both PDF and accessible formats

Medical Research Future Fund engagement and submissions

There are periodic reviews undertaken of MRFF strategies and missions, Vision 2020 Australia co-ordinates cross sector submissions to these where its members feel there is value in a consolidated response. Links to those submissions are provided below.

Vision 2020 Australia’s submission in PDF and Word:

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