Dr Raymond Wong is a stem cell biologist specialising in human pluripotent stem cells and reprogramming. He completed his PhD with Prof. Martin Pera (Monash University) and overseas postdoctoral training in Prof. Peter Donovan's laboratory (University of California Irvine, USA) and subsequently Prof. Minoru Ko's laboratory (National Institutes of Health, USA). Recently he joined the Centre for Eye Research Australia as a group leader of the Cellular Reprogramming Group under the mentorship of Dr Alice Pébay. Dr Wong's current research focuses on harnessing the medical potential of human iPS cells for ocular research.

Stem cell research a game changer in fight against blindness

Every day when I come to work at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, based in the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, I see many patients suffering from different eye diseases. Some of them have low vision; some of them are legally blind. Often I ask myself the same question: can my research with stem cells help these patients?

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