Jodie is Global Policy and Programs Coordinator at Vision 2020 Australia, joining the team in January 2015. Jodie’s passion for social justice has led to a varied career providing harm reduction services for injecting drug users in Melbourne, working with a research team on HIV prevention in Beijing, and providing care and support to asylum seekers in detention and community settings around Australia. Jodie has provided support to vulnerable people in complex circumstances, managed programs in community settings, and conducted research and project work to develop campaigns, programs and approaches which assist marginalised people to have a voice in society. Jodie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Criminology) as well as a Master of Development Studies from University of Melbourne.

Eye health intervention is a savvy investment

In the lead up to the Federal Government Budget next month, Vision 2020 Australia is asking the Australian Government to promote economic growth in the region by investing in eye health and vision care. Jodie Bell talks in more detail about what's inside the Vision 2020 Australia budget proposal.

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