Dee Hopkins is the Chief Executive Officer of Macular Disease Foundation Australia. She has had an extensive management career in Canberra leading and influencing key organisations like Carers Australia ACT and as a Director with Medicines Australia. Dee has spent many years advocating for, and securing policy change in support of carers, and vulnerable Australians affected by ageing, disability, mental illness and chronic illness.

Diabetic Eye Disease – the next big challenge

For those diagnosed with diabetes, managing the core disease can be an intimidating prospect. Add to this a long list of potential health complications they will need to be vigilant of, such as cardiovascular disease and kidney damage, and it’s not surprising to learn that eyes are not high on the radar.

During Macula Month, we want all Australians at risk to think about their macula health; learn the risk factors associated with macular disease; have a regular, comprehensive eye examination and ask about their macula.

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