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Jun 2018

Inquiry into the strategic effectiveness and outcomes of Australia's aid program in the Indo-Pacific and its role in supporting our regional interests

Vision 2020 Australia’s submission focuses on the important role eye health and vision careprograms have played in delivering the strategic outcomes of Australia’s aid budget in the Indo-Pacific, which has delivered profoundly positive impacts for individuals and partner countries. Read more →

Apr 2018

Vision 2020 Australia Submission to the Closing the Gap Refresh Discussion Paper

Our members call on the government to recommit to the Close the Gap Statement of Intent and undertake a process of true consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to co-design the refreshed Closing the Gap strategy. Read more →

Mar 2018

World Glaucoma Week Video

During World Glaucoma Week, Glaucoma Australia is encouraging relatives of those with glaucoma to have a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist from age 40 and every 2 years ongoing. Read more →

Mar 2018

International Women's Day Highlights Gender Inequality in Eye Health #PressForProgress

International Women's Day Video 2018 Read more →

Feb 2018

Orthoptics Awareness Week video

Orthoptics Awareness Week (OAW) is an important event in the Orthoptics Australia calendar each year. This year it will be held from Monday the 5th to Friday the 9th of March 2018. Read more →

Feb 2018

Alastair McEwin Parliamentary Friends Group Speech - 12 February 2018

Alastair McEwin Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner delivered the keynote address on disability and employment Read more →

Feb 2018

Vision Australia's Building Stronger Futures Program

Do you remember when you applied for or started your first job? Do remember when you went to your first interview? With youth unemployment rates at record highs, scoring that first job can be even harder for young people who are blind or have low vision. The Building Stronger Futures pre-employment program funded by Empowering Youth Initiatives and run by Vision Australia currently supports young people who are blind or have low vision become job ready. Read more →

Feb 2018

A message from gough founder and company director of Beernuts Productions

People who are blind or have low vision should be supported to achieve their career goals, work passions and dreams.    Unfortunately, people with a disability especially, people who are blind or have low vision are under represented in the workforce. Vision 2020 Australia and our members are working towards the increased economic participation of people with a disability, with a focus on people who are blind or have low vision in the workforce. Read more →

Feb 2018

Kelly Schulz Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor for Telstra

Do you know what your organisations diversity policy says? What would you do if someone who was blind or has low vision turned up to an interview at your organisation? Some great questions posed by Kelly Schulz, who has been vision impaired since birth and is the current Senior Advisor for Accessibility and Inclusion at Telstra.  Read more →

Feb 2018

Graeme Innes Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Graeme Innes the former Disability Discrimination Commissioner shares his personal story and how he overcame the odds stacked against people with a disability, especially people who are blind or have low vision looking for work in Australia. Read more →

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