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Feb 2019

Streamlined consumer assessment for Aged Care

Eye Health and Vision Care Sector Submission to the Department of Health Discussion Paper December 2018.   Read more →

Feb 2019

2019-20 Pre-Budget Submission

Vision 2020 Australia considers that by working in partnership across government, non-government, private and community sectors, avoidable blindness and vision loss in Australia and our region can be prevented and treated and ensure that people who are blind or vision impaired of all ages, have equal access to services to support their independence and community participation.  Read more →

Oct 2018

DFAT Soft Power Review

Vision 2020 Australia welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Soft Power review. This submission highlights how Australian investments in inclusive eye health and vision care services can strongly contribute to Australia’s soft power and influence in the Indo-Pacific region. Read more →

Jun 2018

Inquiry into the strategic effectiveness and outcomes of Australia's aid program in the Indo-Pacific and its role in supporting our regional interests

Vision 2020 Australia’s submission focuses on the important role eye health and vision careprograms have played in delivering the strategic outcomes of Australia’s aid budget in the Indo-Pacific, which has delivered profoundly positive impacts for individuals and partner countries. Read more →

Apr 2018

Vision 2020 Australia Submission to the Closing the Gap Refresh Discussion Paper

Our members call on the government to recommit to the Close the Gap Statement of Intent and undertake a process of true consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to co-design the refreshed Closing the Gap strategy. Read more →

Mar 2018

Submission to the Inquiry into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This submission was informed by Vision 2020 Australia's Global Committee. The Committee is made up of representatives providing eye health and vision care expertise to the Indo-Pacific region. Read more →

Jun 2017

Closing the Gap in Eye Health and Vision Care by 2020

Vision 2020 Australia, in collaboration with 14 organisations working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health, is calling on the Australian Government to build on its commitment to close the gap in eye health and vision care. Read more →

Jun 2017

The Case for an Australian Diabetes Blindness Prevention Initiative

Vision 2020 Australia and Diabetes Australia, with support from the Centre for Eye Research Australia, are calling on the Australian Government to support a national Diabetes Blindness Prevention Initiative by providing $1.5 million over two years for the establishment of limited life Taskforce. Read more →

Mar 2017

Foreign Policy White Paper: Vision 2020 Australia response

Vision 2020 Australia’s response to the new Foreign Policy White Paper relates to improving foreign policy outcomes in relation to the delivery of global eye health and vision care services. Read more →

Feb 2017

Productivity Commission Issues Paper into Human Services: Vision 2020 Australia Submission

Vision 2020 Australia outlines ten recommendations which, if implemented fully, would ensure that eye health and vision care outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are improved through better access to effective and reliable services. Read more →

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