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15 Jun

Tax concessions submission

Vision 2020 Australia welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the conversation on the tax discussion paper released by the Australian Government.  Read more →

11 Jun

NEHS testing sites

A state-by-state list of the testing sites for the National Eye Health Survey. Read more →

27 May

Tax Concessions Submission draft

Vision 2020 Australia has prepared a draft response to the tax discussion paper released by the Australian Government.  Read more →

13 May

Federal Budget 2015-16 Snapshot

Vision 2020 Australia has provided an initial  snapshot of the provisions contained within the Federal Budget 2015-16, released on 12 May 2015 related to eye health and vision care. Read more →

12 May

East Asia Vision Program: summary of results 2014

Year two progress summaries for the East Asia Vision Program, a three year program funded by the Australian Government and implemented through Vision 2020 Australia’s Global Consortium.  Read more →

06 May

Quality and Safeguarding Consultation Paper

This consultation paper was has been submitted to Department of Social Services toprovide feedback on the Quality and Safeguarding Framework consultation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Read more →

06 May

NDIS Assistive Technology Discussion Paper

This submission was developed in response to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Assistive Technology discussion paper.  Read more →

06 May

Vision 2020 Australia response to ILC Discussion Paper

Vision 2020 Australia's response to Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Policy Framework online consultation. Read more →

06 May

Summary - Tax Concessions Discussion Paper May 2015

A summary of the section of Re:Think: Better tax, better Australia that specifically targets tax concessions available to different Not for Profit (NFP) organisations. Read more →

05 May

Close the Gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health and Vision Care Sector Funding Proposal

Vision 2020 Australia calls on the Australian Government to build on its current commitment to improve equity in eye health and vision care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by implementing a package of initiatives outlined in this funding proposal.  Read more →

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