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29 May

World Orthoptic Day - 3rd June 2019

Orthoptics Australia joins our 21 country member colleagues to celebrate this day. Read more →

27 May

Perth woman, Bridie challenges stereotypes of employing people with disabilities

A series of seven short films, one including Bridie from Koongamia in the City of Swan, have been released to highlight what it’s like for those with disabilities who are navigating the world of work.  It’s told through the eyes of people with disabilities, their employers and frontline workers. Read more →

27 May

Feast for the senses at Science on the Swan 2019

Lions Eye Institute researchers Dr Fred Chen and Gareth Lingham are presenting at this year’s Science on the Swan – Western Australia’s premier showcase of new medical research. Read more →

28 Mar

National Strategic Action Plan puts macular disease on the health agenda

A federal Government commitment to the National Strategic Action Plan developed by Macular Disease Foundation Australia to save the sight of Australians – backed by a firm commitment of funding – is recognition of the enormous impact macular disease has in our society. Read more →

24 Mar

New national program to curb rates of preventable blindness in 1.3 million Australians

Around 630,000 Australians with diabetes are at risk of vision loss or blindness because they aren’t having their eyes checked regularly. Read more →

27 Feb

Glaucoma Australia launches new brand identity

Read more →

27 Feb

Screen time leading to dry eyes in children

Everyone’s glued to their screens nowadays - phones, computers, iPads, laptops - but none more than our children who are being brought up in the digital age. Read more →

26 Feb

Scientists tackle rare retinal disease in unique research project

Researchers at the Lions Eye Institute (LEI) and The University of Western Australia have pioneered a study of the world’s first and only laboratory model of a rare type of retinal disease, paving the way for new treatment pathways. Read more →

19 Feb

Glaucoma. Could you be one of the undiagnosed cases?

Glaucoma Australia launches risk awareness campaign ahead of World Glaucoma Week (10 – 16 March). Read more →

18 Feb

Make sure you register with KeepSight

Optometrists are expected to deliver thousands of extra comprehensive eye examinations as a result of the new national KeepSight program, said CEO of Optometry Australia Lyn Brodie said today.  Read more →

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