IAPB's 10th General Assembly

IAPB’s 10th General Assembly (10GA) is the premier global event discussing public health issues related to blindness and visual impairment.

Catering to every eye health professional – ophthalmologists, optometrists, other eye health professionals, development and public health experts, key opinion leaders, procurement specialists, CEOs, eye care equipment manufacturers – 10GA will be the biggest event in the eye health calendar in 2016.

With the theme "Stronger, Together", IAPB aims to underscore the key value it delivers to the eye care sector – building partnerships and ensuring that the entire sector speaks in one voice.

An expected 1600 delegates will have access to an exceptional learning and information exchange opportunities from 27-30 October 2016. The event will take place in Durban, South Africa at the multi-award winning Durban International Convention Centre, which is one of Africa’s leading conference centres.

More information at the 10GA website

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